Roo Permanent Placement:

We are thrilled you found a veterinarian or technician on Roo that you’d like to work with on a permanent basis. Roo has an easy to understand fee schedule for permanent placements which is as follows:

General Veterinarian Rates:

  • 20% of first year base salary
  • This is not to exceed $40,000.00

General Technician Rates:

  • A fee of $1,000 per tech tier (so a tier 4 tech would cost the hospital $4,000)

Roo requires a two week written notice for a permanent placement emailed to . If your hospital has shifts scheduled with the doctor or technician you are interested in prior to two weeks, Roo will still collect those fees and pay out the veterinarian or technician accordingly. Anything after two weeks we will refund free of charge.

Your Roo Business Development Representative or Account Manager will generate an invoice for you which is due upon receipt. In order to verify permanent placement fees, we may request an offer letter from you, the veterinarian or technician in order to confirm the amount you are invoiced.

If you have any further questions about permanent placement fees, please refer back to our Terms of Service or contact your Business Development Representative or Account Manager.

This fee schedule was last updated on 1/1/2023.