FAQ: How to Handle Taxes for Relief Vets and Techs

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If you have questions about taxes, you're not alone. We compiled our most frequently asked questions about filing taxes, 1099s, and tax planning for relief vets and techs. 
Michelle Musacchio, CPA, MT, and Founder of Fit Money CPA, provides the answers to your burning tax questions in this downloadable tax cheat sheet. 

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As the Principal and Founder of Fit Money CPA, Michelle’s passion is to guide business owners through the complex financial, strategic, and organizational thinking that is required for those owners to operate a wildly successful business.
As a CPA with a Master’s in Taxation from the University of Denver, Michelle has helped clients realize significant tax savings through her diligent research and effective negotiating.

Michelle Musacchio, CPA, MT

Principal and Founder of Fit Money CPA